We have seen Barry on numerous occasions and are mesmerized by his unequaled guitar skills. His versatility is amazing, from easy listening, to popular sing along’s, and rock anthems such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”. His crowd skills are great and stories behind the session musician scene’s are very interesting and amusing ! a brilliant evenings entertainment and one will will continue to attend whenever possible.

“The band “Snakebite” with frontman, guitarist, singer, Barry Stewart, Brought a refreshing new concept in music to the venue, with a blend of songs from more obscure rock bands like Wishbone Ash, Muse, Focus and many more, creating a more interesting mix for the over 200 audience. These songs provided the prefect platform for Barry to show his unquestionable guitar skills, inspiring the many wannabe guitarists in the audience, showing such skills that many can only dream of “ .

Barry entertained a packed house, a good time had by all of the estimated 120 people. Barry put on a fantastic performance of blues and rock and a wide variety of styles to please everyone.